The UofO LOTOS Research Group

Researchers of the past

Many people have cooperated in the past. The list is not exhaustive, but here are some of them.

Patrick Bihan-Fahou
Patrick is a student from the computer sciences department at INSA de Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees) in France, in an exchange program with the University of Ottawa.
He worked on the ATM signaling protocol. His work consited in specifying the ATM signaling protocol at the UNI (User Network Interface) using the specification language LOTOS. The resulting specification is to be used for verification purposes.
The report Rewriting (part of) the ATM specification in LOTOS, by Patrick Bihan-Faou & Eleye Mahamad (July 23, 1995) is available in either PostScript or LaTeX formats). Also availabe is a directory containing the corresponding LOTOS specifications.
Patrick worked at describing a Fax Machine. A report (in PostScript) relates the results; the related LOTOS specification is also available.
Patrick left a copy of his resume, in French and in English.
Nancy Carrere
Nancy, a French collaborator, worked on the specification of GSM MAP in LOTOS. More specifically on Dialogue State Machine (DSM) about which she wrote a report (available in either PostScriptor FrameMakerformats). You may also look at the related LOTOS specifications(as a compressed tar file): a global specification of the DSM from the MAP and a partial one considering only the case of a specific Application Context, used to generate Test Sequences.
Nancy may now be reached at the University of Lyon.
Eleye Mahamad
Antoine Bonavita
Antoine, a French collaborator, worked on the Prolog Kernel of XEludo. He's back in France, and works at getting airplanes to communicate safely with ground control.
Amine Rachdi
Abdellatif Obaid
Abdel was one of the pionneers in the implementation of a verification tool for LOTOS.
Djaffar Guerachi
The subject of Djaffar's Master Thesis was the generation of test cases for X.25 from its LOTOS specification.
Pierre El Achkar
Pierre has developped the Symbolic Expansion for LOTOS Applications (SELA) as part of his Master Thesis.
Rezki Boumezbeur
The development of a LOTOS specification of a Telephone System was the subject of Rezki's Master Thesis.
Hans van der Schoot
Hans is still at the University of Ottawa, but is now working as a research assistant of Dr. Hasan Ural.
Mazen Haj Hussein
As part of his Master Thesis, Mazen has designed and implemented ISLA (Interactive System for LOTOS Application), which is still today the heart of XEludo. He worked on Goal-Oriented execution as well. We owe to him, among other things, the top-down evaluator and the narrower of XEludo.
Souheil Gallouzi
Souheil worked on the Theory of Traces, based on Milner's CCS and CSP calcula.
Randy Tuok
Randy worked on the specification of GSM in LOTOS.
Jalel Kamoun
Jalel developped a GSM LOTOS specification.