Happy Retirement Luigi!

Here are several pictures of Prof. Luigi Logrippo with students, colleagues and friends,
taken during an enjoyable dinner in his honor (June 17, 2002, in Ottawa).
We wish him well in his new teaching position at the Université du Québec à Hull (just across the river)!

Luigi and Patricia

Group picture!

Front row: Ruoshan, Yiqun, Patricia, Dongmei, Jacques, Jenny, and Wissam
Middle row: Romelia, Leïla, Gregor's spouse, Lois, Annie, Luigi, Louise, Amy, Hasan, and Yong
Back row: Romelia's husband, Wael, Bob, Daniel, Alan, Gregor, Bernard, and Ken

(a high-quality version of the same picture is available here )

Romelia, her husband, Ruoshan and Jenny

Alan, Bernard, Wael and Leïla

Hasan, Élise, Jacques, Gregor, Yong, and Ken

Bob, Daniel, Annie, and Lois

Amy and Louise

The group again!

Only this time with the photographer on the picture (middle row, on the left). Many thanks, Rick!