The UofO LOTOS Research Group


Researchers The LOTOS Group is composed of Dr Luigi Logrippo, the principal investigator, and Jacques Sincennes, system analyst programmer, with several students.

Daniel Daniel Amyot's Master's Thesis subject was about the Formalization of Timethreads Using LOTOS, but he has many other research interests.
Romelia Romelia Plesa is conducting studies of Call Processing methodologies.
Ruoshan Ruoshan Guan is systematizing the translation of UCM into LOTOS.
Wael Wael Hassan's research interests are in applying formal methods to telecommunications systems. In specific, to global connection management services.
Wissam Wissam Itani
Yiqun Yiqun Xu
Dongmei Dongmei Jiang
Ken Ken Chan
Haihui Haihui Chen
Jenny Jenny Zhang is looking into the implementation of Feature Exection Trees.
Jane Jane Fanyang

Leila Leila Charfi researches on LOTOS & TTCN.
Nicolas Nicolas Gorse researches on Feature Interaction.
Rossana Rossana Maria Castro Andrade's research interests are in Formal Specification and Validation, Computer Communication Networks and Heterogeneous System Administration.
Amy One of Zhimei Yi's research topics is Telecommunication Software Design.
Kazi Kazi Farooqui researches on ODP-based models of Mobile and Group-Oriented Distributed Computing.
Gaurav Gaurav Rampal works on the specification of GSM in LOTOS. His research Interests are ODP, Formal Methods, Intelligent Networks and Network management.
Laurent Laurent Andriantsiferana works on the Specification, Simulation, Testing and Validation of the General Packet Radio Service protocols (joint work with Motorola Canada). He also worked on the Design and Implementation of simulation/validation tools using C++, Java, Perl.
Bernard Bernard Stepien is a part time collaborator who dealt with just about as many aspects of LOTOS as one can think of. Backward Execution is among his most recent work. He currently researches the field of Features Interactions.
Paul Paul Berlinguette has developped the concepts and implemented the first version of the X Window based interface of the tool. He also worked on GLOTOS.
Paul is currently working on his M.Sc.

A photo of the group, first quarter of 1998.
Luigi's retirement party (June 2002): a partial departure from UofO and the beginning of a new carreer at the Université du Québec à Gatineau ;-)