The UofO LOTOS Group



EUCALYPTUS is a European-Canadian project that consists in the elaboration of a LOTOS Toolset. The partnership is constituted of members of the Universities of Ottawa, Montréal, Grenoble and Liège.


At the University of Ottawa, the project is being carried out under the direction of Luigi Logrippo (, with sponsorship from TRIO.

Gregor Bochman ( leads the team at the University of Montréal.

Hubert Garavel ( is orchestrating the work at the University of Grenoble;

and André Danthine ( at the University of Liège.


The main contribution of the University of Ottawa involves ELUDO, the University of Ottawa LOTOS toolkit; its enhancement and its integration with the other LOTOS tools produced at the collaborating universities.

The University of Montréal provides TETRA, a tool for anlyzing test cases.

The University of Grenoble supplies various functionnalities under the banner of CAESAR/ALDEBARAN, including the translation of a LOTOS specification into a FSM and C, behaviour equivalence testing.

The University of Liège offers an ADT pre-processor to permit the use of high-level languages constructors, not to mention testing and appraisal of the compents of the toolset.


The tools included in the toolset perform various tasks, such as symbolic execution, bisimulation checking, checking of temporal logic properties, display of behavior graphs and translation into C.