version 1 (see Old Versions)

  • This diagram is obtained by zooming into the Feedforward actor on the Feedback Control System.
  • It represents variations of patterns in style "explicit logic". * mw: Ok, I had a question about "implicit logic", but now see you are experimenting with the different styles.
  • It does not show the dependency links.
  • mw: The same set of patterns would apply to Feedforward/Feedback re: control strategy/flexibility.
  • mw: The same set of patterns would apply to Plant/Feedback/Error Calculation re: the invocation/notification mechanism/loose coupling. Thus one diagram can probably show all.

version 2 (see Old Versions)

version 6 & 7 (see below)

  • v6 shows the choice made by the book (POAD)
  • v7 shows alternative based on strategy and active repository

GRL Diagram


-- Gunter Mussbacher - 22 Mar 2006

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