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J2EE E-commerce Testing Using TTCN-3
Presented By: Wei Xu
Date: August 20th, 2003

The research ties two advanced techniques in the field of e-commerce testing, one is J2EE infrastructure and the other is the new international standard test language- TTCN-3. EXtreme Programming (XP), with its simplicity and vast support in the Java world is becoming more and more popular, as our working target is also a Java application and XP applied to various open source tools in Java, it is an intuitive and natural choice to make it our methodology in this thesis work. A parser for the translation of TTCN-3 test script to Java code is introduced to resolve the learning curve for both TTCN-3 testers and Java developers while both sides can take advantage of the two advanced techniques to improve the quality of e-commerce system.

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