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Validating feature-based specifications
Presented By: Dr. Ken Turner
Date: March 10th, 2005
Time: 9:00AM
Room: SITE-5084

It will be argued that specifications should be rigorously validated against requirements. This is useful to build confidence in a specification, and to check a specification after it or the requirements have changed. Mustard (Multiple-Use Scenario Test and Refusal Description) will be introduced as a means of formulating and formalising validation scenarios. The practical use of Mustard on a number of case studies will be introduced. The Mustard notation will be explained, using examples from Internet Telephony to show how validation scenarios are written. The core Mustard constructs are augmented by domain-specific vocabularies that adapt it for different kinds of system. It will be seen how Mustard can validate specifications written in two standardised formal languages: Lotos (Language Of Temporal Ordering Specification) and SDL (Specification and Description Language).

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